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Cloud Gaming

Is not a mystery that after the OnLive experience we would be able to use power hardware from warehouses and share it to any kind of device. To allow us to play without thinking to hardware requirements.

Not only that, Cloud Computing can offer a new key change to the market of video games, and change radically their business models; and convert them as a service models, same that happen to the software.
From the beginning to the ‘Insert Coin’ to the era of ‘free to play’ the market can change again. And probably Game Publishers should consider to sell package Game + Cloud Computing + Streaming = Pay and Play where you want. So a bit like coming back to the retro Games Rooms. ‘Pay for Play’.

In the beginning I didn’t understand why Chromebook was there in the market, looks a bit unrealistic.
And more recently the new Mac Book come’s in, which has sort of the same vision.

But in a era where Cloud can handle the hardware requirements and transfer the complex rendering calculation, and send them has rendered stream, through internet.

The device like RaspBerry PI ($25) can become a full console, whit-out having any hw requirements.

I was thinking careful before buying any kind of console, or computer, just to satisfy my 2/3 hours weekly of gaming. Yes I’m not really a gamer.
Honestly I don’t like to pay up in front for something I would rarely use, so Hardware would be pointless because I spent most of the time in my computer and I don’t need another one.

Unfortunately long time ago I decide to invest my all hard gained budget in a Mac Book Pro. And even if it cost me so much I couldn’t play any recent game with it. Since didn’t have a proper video card.

So I spend some research if was possible to craft or buy an external Graphic Video Card, and come’s out that was few people did it. But still you have to buy some Video card, some Power Adapters and Power Supply Units and some Port adapters to be able to connect to the Thunderbolt Port. Everything ends up around 250$ which is less or more half then a console but still a consistent budget for a solution which I wasn’t enthusiastic to invest since you can’t run native in Mac OS.

Then Larry Land come’s out with an Article (Run your own high-end cloud gaming service on EC2) where he show and explain how to run the Steam In-House Streaming technology on Amazon EC2 instances, I decided to give it a try and to see if this experiments was worth it the money. The result is the video that you find in the begin (at the top).

Steam InHome StreamingSteam In-Home streaming diagram technology.

I could setup and play with my cloud console for less then 2€, and pay the game for 19.99€ (Assassin Creed IV). So a total game + hw of 21€.

My lucky is that Amazon Recently open a new Data Center at Frankfurt, and that allow me to have a good ping response time for the gaming experience.

What you think about?

#MangiaFuoco.js solved issue #1

I know you aren’t exited about another JS library.

But personally I’m feeling I’m going in the right direction, and so on I’m exited to say the issue #1 of my Project MangiaFuoco is officially close:

Are you still curious about MangiaFuoco = MF?
MF is a JavaScript tool for build Compossible Web Applications.
MF try to force you to define a Folder Structure for get a Modular loader in a declarative way.

This step is really important when you want start a project which can scale without creating a Reference Jungle.

MF encourage Web Components Methodology

Web Component for MF are just Distribute Logic.

The only difference is they try to look into a folder structure instead of just a file, so they would use module_name as directory and look for a index.js inside it.

Different of what Polymer Web Components are, MF Components are think to required an app context which would make sure that Flavoured Framework Component can access to his own requirement like app.Backbone or app.Marionette or app.Angular.

In this way Components folder can be moved across projects augmenting the granularity of the applications and helping you to create a better reusable code/logics.

Extend Projects

Additional to Web Components blueprints, MF give you the possibility to extend your app project with another app project.

This functionality is not recursive but make you easy to reuse full projects code.

MF with Extend Project functionality intend to means if the file is not in ProjectB then I will look for it in ProjectA;

In this way you can create giants app and extend it with just one file in a ‘empty’ project.

Framework Free but not Dependency Free

MF require Underscore and an AMD environment (Node.js, RequireJS or Browserify), has only dependency. But is framework free and so you can think has a wrap for declare you global ‘app’.

Think to declare global all your dependencies with{$: jQuery});

and use like this: MF.$(‘something’);

Additional to this MF provide you Adapters, which basically means you can extend MF for integrate with you flavour FrameWork.

Is good practice declare it has a ‘app’

MF try to simplify the usage of the AMD, delivering you the ability to declare an instance of in in your own way, although MF try to represent the app end point concept, and so on is good practice in example declare it has `app`, but still you are not forced too.

Why I should use it?

  • You want keep organise your folder system of the your front-end part, you want create more reusable code, you want a easy way to scale your project.
  • You work in Multi Page Web Projects.
    You work in Single App Project :-)
  • You are tired of require([‘dependencyA’, ‘dependencyB’, ‘dependencyC’]);
  • You are tired of new obj({}); or new view({}).render(); or whatever logic needs your framework for initialise something, which in the end looks like the same.
  • You don’t want create a file for extend one line small customisation.
  • You can customise with you own folder structure.
  • You can use you own Framework or WhateEverFrameWork.
  • You wish this project would grow has a crazy and they would be an uge amount of Components for your setup, which would be make able to make web app like a drag and drop experience.
  • You wish the Author would create a: Grunt-Task, Package Manager and a Yeo Man generator.

Not convinced yet?
Take a look at the code:
you can try it, you can test it, you can open an issue, you can blame, you can be critic, you can be constructive, you can inspiring me, you can be pleasant
or just leave a compliment or a comment saying what you think.

Ah I just forgot:
Tested with: Chrome 38,  Firefox 33.1, Safari 8, IE9+
Currently not supported: IE8>

Link Roll #2 ~ JS Libraries, updates and extras

JS Libraries:
PeerJS – Simple peer-to-peer with WebRTC
PeerJS wraps the browser’s WebRTC implementation to provide a complete, configurable, and easy-to-use peer-to-peer connection API. Equipped with nothing but an ID, a peer can create a P2P data or media stream connection to a remote peer.

Vue.js 0.11 released! – vue.js

Flow is the JavaScript type checker I have been waiting for –
IMO: Flow and React are a FaceBook view, which they doesn’t represent the daily complexity of the applications, but still type checker apparently is the way to bring in board more javascript programmer, which come from different languages. But still I don’t like the way to change the syntax of the original language.

Node.js Security Tips | via @codeship
Probably already well know, but still a good remark.

Some End to End testing investigation:
NightwatchJS Drag and Drop example

Interesting Reads:
Say no.
I’ve to face out some times with it, I think is interesting topic how the decision process is handled in companies.

NINJHAX – 3DS Homebrew Exploit

W3Schools JavaScript Certificate


I was looking for something Certified my JavaScript knowledges, so I found W3Schools certification system. Easy to do: pay (95$), find a Volunteer want do the Supervisor, and Let’s Go!
I found Massimiliano Scifo, friend in the life, but also Developer, I share my screen with him and I run the test.

There are 70 question to answer in 70 minute so 1 minute for question, I answer and my score was 90%, I only did one and I didn’t try again.
It’s takes 44:00 minute to finish, in easy way, we laffing a lot on the easy question and spend some time on the most tricky or hardens, but really I just find few I cannot answer with the 100% safety.

After that…

95$ for a digital certified where not even go to advanced topic, and not even provide a self-hosted image, I found a bit expensive.

I still miss some Advanced Topics, like:

  • Performance Questions
  • Unit Testing
  • Name Spaces
  • AMD or better ES6 in general
  • Serve Side
  • Ashicronous Techniques
  • XSS Teqniques and Defence
  • Optimizations and Compressions
  • Continuos Integrations

Finally they give me the possibility to share it (the image on top) with you!
But they don’t provide the hosted image for it!
I think for 95$ for each test, would be enough for host and invest to a designer for do different kind of design of the icon, and why not even for add more advanced test.

After that I’m more proud to have finish to read, in this year:

and buy this:

I spent a little bit more but I think I get much more then just a Certificate.
Do you suggest some other Certification Programs, where I can prove the Advanced Techniques?

JavaScript is not a shit

But why you don’t use it?

I was creating a post for defending JavaScript, after reading this; but I have lost my focus after reading some “conspiracy” comments written in the same article.

The comments told about Committers in JavaScript Standards, and they said are composted just by  IT Leaders Companies;
… after that, I started to looking for the Author of JS:

Brendan Eich

How you can see he is not a Graphic Designer, but I think the web page is better then others Programming Language Authors ( I would like to save the top five for another post ). Brendan also has an own Word Press installation with his customizations.

Actually my attention is not about the design of the page, but the absent of JavaScript!
So please Brendan, if you are fan like we are for JS, please promoting it with using in your page too.

I’m joking, maybe he could be too busy to do it, but actually I’m still surprise.

Btw the answer: For modern development, Javascript is just something you need to learn

Tour script for Lock your ubuntu

Security Ubuntu


Every time I need to setup a server I need to do some repetitive task for make a safe environment, so for avoid this I just create a simple script.

So following this tutorial: How to secure an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server

If you want execute it:


During the execution is required modify lot of file, so please use the tutorial reference on top to see how.