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Human Factors

Work is not just skills, is even Human Factors.

Today, I try to look forward in what can I improve in my daily job.
I suggest to anyone take a read of it, I found both really interesting.

How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management
This has a company and management prospect, witch come from the experience of Google, The best place to Work for. Take in consideration the role from the Simpler Developer to the Manager. And make good point of needs in both parts.

Get Over Yourself: How Your Ego Sabotages Your Creativity
This is more a self consideration, I was looking back in my daily work and what can I still improve in my self.

And I found that link has a good point of view and I never read nothing about that.

Nobel Prize for Lampedusa

Nobel Prize

After reading Why Lampedusa deserves the Nobel Prize.

Fabrizio Gatti was undercover when he experienced the Lampedusa culture.
But this treatment wasn’t reserve just to him.
I was ten years old when in the restaurant of my parents came a friend of us to ask help for some just arrived tunisian people. Some of them where in bad conditions and some of them were already died. Ten minutes after Lampedusa’s people formed different groups for different tasks: food, clothes, preparing locations, rescuing and burying the bodies.

There wasn’t a country, there was just Lampedusa’s people. I don’t know if Lampedusa needs a Nobel Prize, but I know that Lampedusa is a symbol for everybody.

Nobel to Lampedusa, sign your nomination