JavaScript is not a shit

But why you don’t use it?

I was creating a post for defending JavaScript, after reading this; but I have lost my focus after reading some “conspiracy” comments written in the same article.

The comments told about Committers in JavaScript Standards, and they said are composted just by  IT Leaders Companies;
… after that, I started to looking for the Author of JS:

Brendan Eich

How you can see he is not a Graphic Designer, but I think the web page is better then others Programming Language Authors ( I would like to save the top five for another post ). Brendan also has an own Word Press installation with his customizations.

Actually my attention is not about the design of the page, but the absent of JavaScript!
So please Brendan, if you are fan like we are for JS, please promoting it with using in your page too.

I’m joking, maybe he could be too busy to do it, but actually I’m still surprise.

Btw the answer: For modern development, Javascript is just something you need to learn

Tour script for Lock your ubuntu

Security Ubuntu


Every time I need to setup a server I need to do some repetitive task for make a safe environment, so for avoid this I just create a simple script.

So following this tutorial: How to secure an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server

If you want execute it:


During the execution is required modify lot of file, so please use the tutorial reference on top to see how.


Nobel Prize for Lampedusa

Nobel Prize

After reading Why Lampedusa deserves the Nobel Prize.

Fabrizio Gatti was undercover when he experienced the Lampedusa culture.
But this treatment wasn’t reserve just to him.
I was ten years old when in the restaurant of my parents came a friend of us to ask help for some just arrived tunisian people. Some of them where in bad conditions and some of them were already died. Ten minutes after Lampedusa’s people formed different groups for different tasks: food, clothes, preparing locations, rescuing and burying the bodies.

There wasn’t a country, there was just Lampedusa’s people. I don’t know if Lampedusa needs a Nobel Prize, but I know that Lampedusa is a symbol for everybody.

Nobel to Lampedusa, sign your nomination